Extension in South Dublin

Hidden within the fabric of this Bauhaus like design is a complicated structure. The full height glazing, large windows, corner glazing and non-stacked first floor required some head scratching and thought to produce a structural design that would not compromise the integrity of the architectural design.

We design our projects in 3D which enables us to address most or all clashes that otherwise would not be detected until construction. This method reduces changes on site that can often be costly to the client.






Designing in 3D using advanced software provides the added benefit to our clients of enabling them to see and walk through their completed project at design stage. This allows our clients to thoroughly understand the new spaces they will create and get an appreciation for the visual impact that 2D plans just don’t provide. Getting a three dimensional understanding of their design also helps our clients with decisions about design changes that would otherwise often be (costly) revisions at construction stage.


Kitchen – Dining Room
Living Room

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