• Swansea University

    This is a reinforced concrete building providing student accommodation and communal areas. We modelled the building as a series of vertical columns and shear walls supporting continuously spanning RC Filigree Slabs.  

  • Peascod Street

    This project consisted of the construction of a 3 storey apartment block to be constructed over a Morissons super market accompanied with 8 Town Houses. The major constraint with this project was spanning the apartment block over the retail outlet. The design consisted of a long spanning (14m) steel frame bearing onto piles to form […]

  • Red Lodge

    This property was located in the borough of Chelsea and Kensington in London. It was a 7 storey residence with 2 subterranean basement levels. The property was essentially burned to the lower basement level by a fire. The structure was damaged beyond repair and had to be razed to the ground. A new intricate steel […]

  • Cloontycilla Castle

    Cloontykilla Castle

    Cloontykilla Castle – Rockingham Estate, Co. Roscommon This folly was a 19th century, John Nash designed hunting lodge that was encompassed by four medieval style battle towers tied together by machicolation style walls. There was an existing basement that covered approximately 70% of the floor area which had no structural details and thus became a […]

  • Audi Showroom

    The largest challenge on this project was the fact that it was being constructed in a swamp which contained liquid soils for a depth exceeding 10m. It involved the design of RC ground beams with spans of up to 6.6m governed by the bearing capacity of the driven piles.