• Looking Good

    Gabions in Westport

  • Visualisation of Project

    Glass Residential Extension

    This is a rear extension which was predominantly glass. The structure had to be lightweight and almost invisible. At nightime the roof will appear as if it floats.

  • 20170314_114430

    Portal Frame Shed

    This is a classic Portal Frame Shed  achieving spans of 40m

  • Garden Shed Design

    Light Weight Garden Shed

    We just completed the structural design for this light weight shed which will comprise a swimming pool and gymnasia. Although it appears simple, the soils which it is constructed upon where highly shrinkable Clays (which were dried out) . This meant that we actually had to design the foundations to stop the soils pushing the […]

  • extension visualisation

    Residential Extension

    We just recently completed the structural drawings for this residential extension. The design solution involved a neat Picture Frame which was seamlessly nestled into the the architectural fabric. Great care was taken in the detailing to eliminate cold bridges and to ensure that the proposed structure did not impose itself on the architectural space

  • minerva-street-apartments-glasgow

    Minerva Street Apartments, Glasgow

  • festival-hall-edinburgh

    Festival Hall, Edinburgh

  • holiday-inn-sheffield

    Holiday Inn in Sheffield

  • swansea-university

    Swansea University

    This is a reinforced concrete building providing student accommodation and communal areas. We modelled the building as a series of vertical columns and shear walls supporting continuously spanning RC Filigree Slabs.  

  • peascod-street

    Peascod Street

    This project consisted of the construction of a 3 storey apartment block to be constructed over a Morissons super market accompanied with 8 Town Houses. The major constraint with this project was spanning the apartment block over the retail outlet. The design consisted of a long spanning (14m) steel frame bearing onto piles to form […]