Design Capabilities

We use the most sophisticated software on the market to deliver efficiency of design. Our structure will not impose on architectural spaces, we pride ourselves on seamless integration between the structure and the aesthetic objective. In fact, we are of the opinion that detailed analysis and design will serve to enhance the structure aesthetically and at the very least, it will allow the architects to express their intent with a greater degree of freedom.


Finite Element Analysis

A fine mesh is detailed over the entire building; in this case we have shown the 9th floor slab of Swansea University. Each individual mesh contains 8 nodal points. The software will compute the physical movement of each individual node and its interaction with all connected nodal points. This level of detailed analysis will translate into the most cost effective and efficient design that is possible.


Finite Element Analysis Results

This display shows the actual physical displacement of each finite portion of the floor slab. As you can see, the worst displacement experienced is 6.54mm which occurs in the top left corner of the building and is hatched blue.


This is a sample of a Masterseries model which shows the structural core and the rest of the framed structure. The software has the capability to design different materials and model how they interact.